Lost in NYC

Lost in NYC

El 7 de abril se presentó en Nueva York nuestro último libro “Lost in NYC. A Subway Adventure”. Editado por Toon Books, editorial dirigida por Françoise Mouly y con guión de Nadja Spiegelman.

Lost in NYC03

Su acogida por parte de público y crítica ha superado nuestras mejores expectativas, aquí una muestra:

 “Required reading for anyone, tourist or resident, mystified by or anxious about using arguably the greatest public-transportation system on the planet.”
     —Kirkus Reviews STARRED REVIEW

★ “The storytelling is kinetic…this book is sure to be a hit” 
School Library Journal STARRED REVIEW

 “Young readers enamored by the Big Apple will be both delighted by the wealth ofinformation and atmospheric artwork and encouraged by Pablo and Alicia’s successful, if a bit nervewracking, solo journeys.”  
     –Booklist STARRED REVIEW

“Visually stunning (to say nothing of its accuracy) with abundant factual information wriggled into every available crevice, you don’t have to be a New Yorker to enjoy this book (though, boy, does it sure help).”
     –Elizabeth Bird, A Fuse 8 Production and NYPL Youth Materials Specialist

“Segio García Sánchez’s illustrations are beautiful, and the book is filled with gorgeous two-page spreads that don’t waste a single inch of real estate.”
-Jamie Greene for Geek Dad

Spiegelman spoke with Comic Book Resources about how she settled on the story, her collaboration with Sanchez, what kind of research it took to properly capture the New York subway system — and the comic she wasn’t allowed to read as a child.
Read the interview HERE at Comic Book Resources

“A graphic novel tale of friendship that combines fascinating facts about the New York subway system, the Empire State Building, history and geography.”
    — Jennifer M. Brown for Shelf Awareness

Estamos muy agradecidos a todo el equipo de producción de Toon Books, podéis encontrar más información en la web de la editorial, http://www.toon-books.com/lost-in-nyc.html



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